toilet overhaul offer £90 (includes parts and labour)

revive your toilet by getting the flush and the fill valve replaced at the same time

plumbing repair

Rather than just replacing one component of your toilet why not replace all the working components of your toilet cistern. This will give you peace of mind and ensure you a trouble free toilet for the future.

This offer includes: 

  • a new ball valve or fill valve
  • a new syphon or drop valve
  • a new donut washer and backplate/bolts (close coupled toilets)
  • a new flush cone (high or low level toilets)

ball/fill valve replacement for just £55

toilet valve replacement

Your ball/fill valve will probably need repairing or replacing if:

  • water is coming from your overflow pipe
  • water is constantly running into your toilet pan
  • you can hear a constant dripping from inside your toilet cistern
  • your toilet takes ages to refill after a flush
  • your toilet is really noisy as the cistern refills after a flush.

bottom entry fill valve replacement

Fluidmaster valve

I fit Fluidmaster valves in most instances because they are.....

  • adjustable to fit most cisterns.
  • good quality, reliable, tried and tested.
  • easily serviced in the future without having to remove the whole valve.
  • quick and quiet to fill.

side entry fill valve

Fluidmaster side entry fill valve

On the rare occasions where these valves won't fit your toilet I do carry alternative valves on the van to cover most installations.

syphon/flush valve replacement for just £75

toilet flush valve replacement

Your syphon/flush valve will probably need repairing or replacing if:

  • you have to keep on pumping the flush handle to get it to work
  • water is constantly running into your toilet pan (if you have a drop valve)
  • you have a weak flush that doesn't clear the pan
  • your flush handle or button doesn't operate the flush

Fluidmaster Ultra Dual Flush Syphon

Fluidmaster Ultra syphon

If I am replacing your syphon then I usually fit one of these. They have many advantages over the older style one piece syphon:

  • they are adjustable to fit in most toilet cisterns
  • they can easily be serviced in future without having to remove the toilet cistern
  • they are dual flush to save water
  • they incorporate an internal overflow
  • they are good quality and reliable.

Fluidmaster Dual Flush Valve

Fluidmaster Dual Flush Valve

If I am replacing your drop valve then I usually fit one of these. These valves:

  • are dual flush, with adjustable full and part flush volume
  • have an internal overflow
  • have an easy push button operation that can be located on top, front or side of your cistern
  • have easily serviceable parts
  • can replace a lever operated syphon

Fluidmaster Lever Dual Flush Valve

Fluidmaster dual flush lever valve

These are great for replacing existing traditional syphons whilst keeping a lever as a means to flush your toilet. However, unlike using a traditional flush handle these are much easier and lighter to operate.

  note: if your toilet is a 'back to wall' or 'concealed' style then an additional charge may apply. This is because replacing the components may involve removing the whole toilet to gain access. On these style of toilet repairing the existing valves can often be the best course of action. 

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